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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Niaz Mohammad chowdhury and his song

Niaz Mohammad chowdhury is a modern and classical singer in Bangladesh and sub continent.
Niaz Mohammad chowdhury
He has borned in 1952 , on January 13. He is very talent from his childhood. At his very young age he received his first training from Ustad Ayatullah. He  was trained by Ustad Amant Ali khan and later he was also trained by Ustad Fatah Ali khan. He has performed several countries in the world. He has awarded many times.  He used to lecturerer at University of California Los Angeles ( 1992).
He has sang many famous gozals and classic songs such as Aj ei bristir kanna dekhe mone porilo tomai,  Prem Jeno ek projapoti,  tumioto besh aso , Dokkho Amar Parini Ekhono Tumake Bujhate
    lyrics- Sawkot Osman Babu
    Music composer-   Shahnewaz

 Song - Jibonanondo   hoea songshare aajo ami
              Sob kisu bhule jeno
               korilem den
              tumioto bes acho
               bhaloi acho
              kobitai pora sei bonolotasen
              tana tana chokhe Kali poreni kuno
              hashleo gale tol pore ekhono. || (2)

              ki jaadu jano ta bidhata janen
              kobitai pora shei bonolotasen
              jibonanondo hoea shongshare aajo aami
              poripati beshbaas temni ache
              ghotonar kuno resh neito kache. (2 )
              ebhabe sobaiki thakte pare
              kobitai pora shei bonolota shen
              jibonanondo hoea shongshare aajo aami



Saturday, October 22, 2016

Petunia Flower

Petunia is a nice hanging pot flower. Its origin from South America.It has 35 species. It is closely related with tomatoes, potatoes, deadly nightsberries,cape goose berries,
chili peppers.Its family Solanaceae.Its scientific classification
kingdom- Plantar
Order- Solanales
Family- Solanacea
Subfamily- Petunioidea
Genus- Petunia

Description- These are herbaceous group and are hairy. These flowers are funnel shaped and its petals are joined together. Its fruits are dry capsule and with two comperments.
Ecology-  Petunias are pollnated by insect. Its flowers are red and pollinating by hummingbird. Petunias have diploid 14 chromosomes, the larvae of the ear corn worm ,  Helicoverpa zia, the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni.

Cultivation-  Petunias have capacity to tolerate hot climates and harsh condition.
It needs 5 hours of sunlight everyday. In moist soil and in low humidity these grow well.These plants are grown from seeds. These plants are watered daily in dry region.
These are growth in late spring .  It needs use fertilizer weekly or monthly and it grows well quickly. In hanging baskets it can be cultivated. Multiflora, cascadia, Supertunia, Surfinia, Wave, Grandiflora etc are included.
Uses- Petunias are uses for decoration .
There are various species available such as P.axillaris, P. exerta, p. inflatable, p. interior, P. Saxicola, P. reitzii.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Kite is a traditionally air lift.Kite has wing surfaces, anchors and tethers. Kite

can lift by the wind.Kite can flight when air blows on the kite surfaces and producing low pressure above and below the wings producing high pressure.There are many different types of kites are flown at festivals or indidually.Kites are flown for art, recreation or many practical purposes.  Kites are flown various purposes such as sports as a competition, power kites uses as a kite landboarding, kite surfkiting , kite buggying, kite fishing, snow kiting , man lifting kite also made etc.

History_ In China, kite was invented.There were many types of materials used for making kites such as silk,silk fabric, high strength silk,papers etc.  In opinion of
Chinese philosopher Lu Bann and Mozi , kite was invented at 5th century BC.
Paper kites were invented in 549 AD .For a rescue mission, paper kite was used.
Kites were used for testing the wind, measuring distances, signaling, lifting man, military operations etc.Kites were introduced from China to India, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, the western world.  In India, patang, kites are flown on festival as a Makar Sankranti.Fighter kites are small and made of paper and bamboo. There are different designed kites are made such as Diamond kite, Sled kite, Rokkaku kite, Barn door kite,
Sode kite, Roller kite, Delta kite, Dopero kite etc.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tikli ( Tikka)

Tikli is a nice ornament for womens. Wearing tikli is as a symbol of a bride  during  her marrage and  wears above eyebrows of bride. In the opinion of Hindu, they believe that tikli may protect the bride from bad energy.
Single tikka
There are various types of  fashionable tikkas are available in the market. such as Single strand tikka, Double Strand Maang Tikka, Modern double Maang Tikka,
Side tikka, Multi-chain tikka, Multi-Strained Tikka, Drape-Style Tikka( Mor Patti), Side Maang, Tiara Tikka, Headband Tikka, Triangular Jhumar, Chand Tikka, Jewelled Chain Tikka, Full Strand Tikka, Top Tikka etc.  A
Multi strand tikka
small Jhumka attached at the end of the tikli in single strand design. Side swooped chain with tikka is a unique and stunning style
It looks nice with  any part of hair style. Triangular Jhumur is a unique Pakistani style.
Multiple chain with tikka looks  bride  so extravagant .  The hidden  maang style looks fancy and subtle to briand Tiara tikka looks like a crown or a tiara and attached with two separate strands. It is simple and small.The full stand tikka has no pendant and it dropped across one side of the women,s hair.It looks elegant.
Side tikka

Double strand maang tikka

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Butterfly weed flower

Its scientific name is Asclepias tuberosa. It grows in eastern north  America.
Asclepias tuberosa( Butterfly weed flower)
Its height 1 feet to 3 feet 3 inch. This flower is yellow or orange color. This flower bloom from early summer to early autumn.   Its leaves lanceolate and spirally arranged .  Its leaves are 5 to 12 cm long and 2 to 3 cm broad.
It grows well in sand, dry or gravel soil. Butterflies are attracted to these plants for
its production of nectar and nice color and so called Butterfly weed flower. Honeybees, Hummingbirds and other insects  are also attracted.
Propagation- Its propagation is easy by seed. Its seeds are produce in  the third year.
Its subspecies are Asclepias tuberosa  subsp. rolfsi,  Asclepias tuberoaa subsp interior, Asclepias tubersa subsp. tuberosa.
Its another common names are  chigger flower, Canada root, Indian posy, orange root, fluxroot, pleurisy root, tuber root, orange swallow wort, Butterfly weed, white-root, butterflymilkweed,  orange milkweed.
Scientific classification - Its kingdom Plantae .
Order- Gentianales
Family- Apocynacea
Genus- Asclepias
Species- A.tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa ( Butterfly weed flower)

Asclepias tuberosa ( Butterfly weed flower)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Alga korogo khopar badhon ( Nazrul geeti )

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Song lyrics by Kazi Nazrul Islam and its music composition and singer also Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Lyrics -
Alga korogo Khopar badhon

Alga korogo khopar badhon
dil wohi mera fasgaee
dil wohi mera fasgaee
Alga korogo khopar bahon
dil wohi mera fasgaee
dil wohi mera fasgaee
Binod beneer jorin  fetay
Binod beneer jorin fetay
andha isq mera kas gayee
andha isq mera kas gayee
Alga korogo khopar badhon
dil wohi mera fasgaee
dil wohi mera fasgaee
Tomar kesher gondhe kokhon
lukaye asilo love amar mon
Tomar kesher gondhe kokhon
lukaye asilo love amar mon
benhus ho kar gir pari  hathme
benhus ho kar gir pari hathme
baju bandhme bas gayee
baju bandhme bas gayee
Alga korogo khopar badhon
dil wohi mera fasgaye
dil wohi mera fasgaye
Kanero dule pran rakhile bindhia
aankh phira diya chori kar nindia
dehero dewrite  berate ashia
dehero dewrite berate ashia
aur nehi who wapas gayee
aur nehi who wapas gayee
Alga korogo khopar badhon
dil wohi mera fasgayee
dil wohi mera fasgayee
Binod  beneer jorin fetay
Binod beneer jorin fetay
andha isq mera kas gayee
andha isq mera kas gayee
Alga korogo khopar badhon
dil wohi mera fasgayee
dil wohi mera fasgayee

This music is available in the internet. Music can refresh your mind.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Amerigo vechpuchi

Amerigo Vespuchi was a navigator, financier, cartographer and an Italian explorer.
He demonstrated first that  west Indies and Brazil was not  Asia,s eastern outskirts.
This is referred to the new world.  This continent named as his first name America's and it is derived from Latin word.
Amerigo Vespuchi

His life-   He was born on 9 march in 1454 in Italy ( Florence).  By his uncle he was educated . In  between 1499 and 1502 , he explored several voyages , the east coast of south America. He was voyages to America four times and his first visit to America was in 1497. There were four ships of Amerigo , such as Repertaga, the Sun Antiago,  the Girmand, Wegiz. His wife name was Maria Cerezo.   He became a Spanish citizen.  By Ferdinand II of Aragon , he was honoured as a pilot major on  march 22 in1508.
He was open a school House of Trade in Spain for navigators.
On February ,1512 he died at his home  in Seville  Spain.  After his death , his wife Maria Cerezo got lifetime pension per annum  about ten thousand marvedis.
Amerigo Vespuchi
Amerigo Vespuchi