Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hair conditioner

For human hair natural oils are used . The natural oil such as carrier oil, tea oil, jobjoba oil etc. On the 29 century hair conditioner has created.  In the 1900 Ed, pinanud  made a product named brilliantine in paris of the Exposition Universelle. Men’s hair was softened by this product. Modern scince invented the hair conditioner. It is mixed with fatty alcohols, silicone, quaternary ammonium compounds.  It has benefits and it has no greasy. It is thickly substance.
Different types of hair conditioners are available in the market . Hair conditioner has different composition such as moisturizer, acidifiers, reconstructors, acidity regulators etc. 
Moisturizers- It can moisturize in the hair and has high proportions of humectants.
It has hydrolyzed protein and it can strengthen the hair structure.
Its ph is 3.5 and has hydrogen bonds and keratin molecules.
Thermal protectors-
It has heat-absorbing polymers.
It has light- reflecting chemicals, dimethicone, silicones or cyclomethicone.
Oils- It can soften the hair.
It has protein and composed with amino acids. Its hydrophilic binding is strong enough and means that hair surface is new.
Lubricants- There are various types of lubricants are available such as panthol, fatty acids, dimethicone etc.   In hard water, sequestrates act better.
Sunscreen- It acts as color loss. There are two types of sunscreens are uses in hair products.
There are  four types of conditioners are available in the market such as Pack, leave-in, ordinary, hold.
- These are thick, heavy and contains with high content.
These have thinner and different surfactants. It contains with lighter and the less amount of viscous mixture.

Ordinay - It can use directly in hair and after use smapoo.

- It contains with polyelectrolyte polymers. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nilufar Yasmin and her famous song

Nilufar yasmin
She was a famous singer of Bangladesh. She was born on 13 February, in 1948. Her another sisters are Farida yasmin, Fauzia yasmin, Nazma yasmin and Sabina yasmin.
Her birth place was at 130/A  park street, Kalkata. Her father’s name was Lutfar Rahman. He was a civil servant of British India.  Her mother’s name was  Begum Mouloda Khatun.  Mouloda khatun was a vocal artist and from the musician of Ustaad kader Baksh , she learnt music lessons.  In 1965 she had passed H.S.C.  She took her graduation from Dhaka university and the subject of social science. In 1968 she was married to Khan Ataur Rahman.  Her only son  Khan Anisur Rahman (agoon) also a vocal singer.
Her carreer
Her career was on Nazrul sangeet and kirtan,   Rajankanta, Dwijendral, Atulprasad, Thungri, Tappa, puratoni etc.
She honored by Ekushe Padak,  Bachsas award.  She sang “Eto such shoibo kemon kore” for the film of Shovoda and got National Film Award for this song.  In 1975 . she got another Bachas Award for the film of Shujon Shokhi.  In 2006 she named as Nilufar yasmin Library  ar Natyokpla department of Dhaka university in Bangladesh. She died on in 2003.
Lyrics in Bangla
Eto sukh soibo kemon kore's
Lyrics Nilufar Yasmin  Song: Eto sukh soibo kemon kore Album: Shuvo Da
eto sukh soibo kemon kore
 bujhi kannai lekha chilo vagge amar
sukheo kanna pay du'chokh vore||
dukher srote vasha ful
 kono din pay na to kul.
 ami bujhiba pother vule
elam notun kule.
e poth abar dure jabe ki sore||
 shopner moto mone hoy
 harabar tai eto voy.
 tobu jetuku pelam ami
 praner cheyeo dami.
chokher jole sobi jabe ki khore|

This song is available in the internet. So anyone can watch it.