Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wooden products items

Wooden products are very important role for human being. For the evolution of human being and from the begining of human life wood is the very important factor. The humans have improved their life with the use of wood and wooden products. In the ancient period humans were used to wood for various purposes such as heating for fuel , for making their houses, furnitures and various wooden products etc.

Solid woods are uses for various purposes such as poles, mine timbers, piling, furniture, insulation board, hard board, laminated timbers and particles timbers etc. chemical wood products such as lignin, nitrocellulose, plastic housewares, plastic housewares, photographic film, cellulose etc.   Chemical woods are uses  for mixed of mud,stone,animal parts  also.      Fiber  wood uses for production of paper sheet, paper board  etc. The Egyptians was first used wood working and it was the Ancient civilization. In the Ancient time they used many Egyptian furniture such as chairs, tables beds , chests and Egyptian drawings also. Now in the present time, woods are uses for verities of jewelry items, attractive show pieces, attractive tiles etc. Jewelry showpieces are very popular to us such as purses, small baskets glasses, plates, photoframes, watches, cover of phones, bracelets, combs, wrist watches etc. jewelry items such as ear rings, neckleces, braceletes etc.

Now a days many countrys are export many wooden products such as furniture’s, tiles by ship such as   china. China exports veious kinds of show pieces also such as Chinese Elegant Wooden show pieces for decoration of home, Megetic levitation of home decoration, fabric board show pieces for home decoration. The most productof wooden countries are Usa, India,china, Brazil,   Russia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Dem. Rep. of congo, Nigeria etc.      The wooden tiles producing countries are such as china, Brazil,I ndia and now a days Bangladesh also export these wooden tiles.       

Friday, July 4, 2014

Origin of music

Music is an interesting thing in our life and it is an important part of our life. There are various types of music such as country, classical, rock, rap or roll. It reflects us in various ways. Music was originated as before man existed. It is found that music has six periods of historical era and every period has own particularizes. Each period has different style. In the middle time there were two types of music such as monophonic and polyphonic. This article has been published on entertainment site to inform people about the origin of music. In the origin of musical history, there are found several era of music.
1. Prehistoric music. 2. Ancient music (before 500 AD). 3. Early music (500- 1760). 4. Common practice (1600- 1900). 5. Modern and contemporary music (1900- present). There are various sites where you can listen to free music of your choice.
There is also western art music such as -- western classical music, Early- Medieval- 500- 1400, Renaissance-1400- 1600, Common practice, Baroque-1600-1760, Classical-1730-1820, Romantic-1815-1910, Modern and contemporary- Modern-1890-1930, 20th century-1901-2000, Contemporary-1975- present, 21st century-2001- present and so on. Many sites over the internet offer music for free.
 Music is the human culture. If you read the book “The Origins of Music”, you will be able to know the evolutionary precursors of human music, localization of brain function, the evolution of the hominid vocal tract, the structure of acoustic communication signals, self-expression, symbolic gesture, emotional manipulation through sound, creativity etc. On the site for entertainment there are various posts which include links of various music videos, just surf the posts get your desired links.