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Ali Amjad khan’s clock tower and prithimpasa Nauab house

Nawab Ali Amjad khan
Nawab ali amjad khan
Nawab Ali Amjad khan was the son of Moulvi Mohammad Rabi khan. In 1773 Moulvi Mohammad Rabi khan was the assistant Qazi of sylhet district. He
became  a Qazi of Taraf afterwards. He strongly put down the rebellion Naga and koki tribes. From the British Government he obtained a jagir and other honours.. The jagirs were made permanent with the Nawab family.Maulvi Mohammad rabi khan received jagirs in 1141 bs and 1156 BS . He established rabir Bazar at the town of modern Moulvibazar in 1956.Ghaus ali khan’s father was Maulvi Mohammad Ali khan. His son was ali ahmed khan helped the British Government in1869 and The British Government thanked him for his Arms act. The river port chandni ghat at  Sylhet on Surma river was constructed by Nawab ali Ahmed khan. In 1874 he was died.Nawab Ali Amjad khan established Rungicherra tea  Estate .
Ali Amjad khan High School

Andarmahal of Nawab family
He also established Ali Amjad Girls high school. He sanctioned scholarships and stipends to many schools of Assam, karimganj and Chittagong.

Prithimpasa Nawab house
Nawab  Ali amjad khan’s house was  kulaura upazilla, moulvibazar, Sylht, Bangladesh and named Pritim Pasha.  This is Royal House of Bengal and nobility of East Bengal. The Prithimpassa Nawab  Bari is a
tourist attraction

Prithimpassa Shia Mosque

Ali Amjad khan’s clock
The popular clock named Ali Amjad’s ghari  is ithe Tower of sylhet  and it was presented by his father Nawab Ali Ahmed khan . It was constructed and completed by Nawab Ali Amjad khan and it is working till now.It was constructed around 1895.
Ali Amjad khan's clock

Ali Amjad khan's clock
It is crossing the kean bridge of sylhet. It is a rare tower in Bangladesh. Ali Amjad’s clock tower is special than the other two of Dhaka’s DIt  and Nagar baban tower.It is a popular attraction of Sylhet city. It is
situated on the Northern bank of the Surma river aat Chandighat, Sylhet. It is the first clock tower and the oldest one.It looks like a church. It has chamber and it is rectangular and the crest of tower is look like pyramid.This is distinctive than others of Bangladesh.It maintains and provide mechanical support by the District council of Sylhet.He was also made the same pattern and design clock at Delhi with the instigation of princess Delhi.

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Home made mask and other masks

Face mask
Face mask
Different types of masks are available in the market such as deep- cleansing, healing acne scars, hyperpigmentation, brightening etc. These masks are removed with water , a damp cloth. Clay and masks suit oily and some combination skin

Oily, acne- prone skin
It is shiny skin and oily. You should be use a paper napkin to press your forehead. It soaked in oils. Oily skin is better than dry skin.
Dry, chapped skin
Face mask
Face mask
After cleansing , dry skin feels tight. In dry skin may have tendency to wrinkles, red patches, flaking. The skin color may ashy or dull from dead skin. These face masks combind of exfoliation.

Combination skin
There is found in maximum women  combination skin or normal skin.It is balancing the oily skin and dry skin.
Sensitive skin
It is great for sunburned, chapped or irritated skin.
Normal skin
Geranium, cedarwood, beragamot, jasmine, soy, neroli, lavender, almond, orange, palmarosa, rose, roman
Face mask
chamo, rose wood etc.
Face mask
Combination skin

Ylang-ylang, rose wood, Geranium, neroli hydrosol, bergamot etc.
Dry and aging skin
Carrot seed, cedarwood, clary, Almond, geranium, orange, jasmine, extra virgin, vetiver, ylang- ylang, wheat germ, palma rose, jasmine etc.
Oily skin
Geranium, Clary, lavender, lemon, cypress, Niaouli, cajeput, frankincense, ylang-ylange, coriander, lime, grapefruit, rose etc.
Sensitive skin
Face mask
Face mask
Palma Rosa, rose, neroli, rosewood, carrot, angelica, Neroli, Roman and German chamomile, Chamomile or Yarrow hydrosols etc.
Home made facial scrub
Sugar facial scrub with honey
It is brown sugar scrub and natural exfoliant sugar is not better than brown is mixed with manuka honey and oils.
Oeatmeal mask
It works for all skin types. It is mixed with egg, brown sugar, milk, oatmeal, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil, 2 tbsp regular milk, the whites of egg.