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Kite is a traditionally air lift.Kite has wing surfaces, anchors and tethers. Kite

can lift by the wind.Kite can flight when air blows on the kite surfaces and producing low pressure above and below the wings producing high pressure.There are many different types of kites are flown at festivals or indidually.Kites are flown for art, recreation or many practical purposes.  Kites are flown various purposes such as sports as a competition, power kites uses as a kite landboarding, kite surfkiting , kite buggying, kite fishing, snow kiting , man lifting kite also made etc.

History_ In China, kite was invented.There were many types of materials used for making kites such as silk,silk fabric, high strength silk,papers etc.  In opinion of
Chinese philosopher Lu Bann and Mozi , kite was invented at 5th century BC.
Paper kites were invented in 549 AD .For a rescue mission, paper kite was used.
Kites were used for testing the wind, measuring distances, signaling, lifting man, military operation…

Tikli ( Tikka)

Tikli is a nice ornament for womens. Wearing tikli is as a symbol of a bride  during  her marrage and  wears above eyebrows of bride. In the opinion of Hindu, they believe that tikli may protect the bride from bad energy.
There are various types of  fashionable tikkas are available in the market. such as Single strand tikka, Double Strand Maang Tikka, Modern double Maang Tikka,
Side tikka, Multi-chain tikka, Multi-Strained Tikka, Drape-Style Tikka( Mor Patti), Side Maang, Tiara Tikka, Headband Tikka, Triangular Jhumar, Chand Tikka, Jewelled Chain Tikka, Full Strand Tikka, Top Tikka etc.  A
small Jhumka attached at the end of the tikli in single strand design. Side swooped chain with tikka is a unique and stunning style
It looks nice with  any part of hair style. Triangular Jhumur is a unique Pakistani style.
Multiple chain with tikka looks  bride  so extravagant .  The hidden  maang style looks fancy and subtle to briand Tiara tikka looks like a crown or a tiara and attached with two…