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Alexandria light house

Ptolemic kingdom  built this light house. It was built between 280 and 247 BC. Its height between 393 to 450  feet (120 to 137m). It is the one of the oldest seven wonders. In the world it was one of the tallest man made structures and for many centuries. By three earthquakes it was damaged  between 956 AD to1323 .  Until 1480 it was the third tallest ancient structure in the world. Alexandria city was founded by Alexander the great in 332 BC. Its east side became the great Harbour and its west side  lay on port of Eunostos.  Construction - The light house was constructed  in 3rd century BC.  It was completed during the second Ptolemy and it took twelve years to complete.   And its cost was 800 talents. At the top its light was produced with a furnace.  It was built by solid lime stone. It was constructed with large  blocks light colored stone. It  has three stages. Lower square section that has a central core , octagonal section at middle stage, and  circular section at the top . A …