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Niaz Mohammad chowdhury and his song

Niaz Mohammad chowdhury is a modern and classical singer in Bangladesh and sub continent.
He has borned in 1952 , on January 13. He is very talent from his childhood. At his very young age he received his first training from Ustad Ayatullah. He  was trained by Ustad Amant Ali khan and later he was also trained by Ustad Fatah Ali khan. He has performed several countries in the world. He has awarded many times.  He used to lecturerer at University of California Los Angeles ( 1992).
He has sang many famous gozals and classic songs such as Aj ei bristir kanna dekhe mone porilo tomai,  Prem Jeno ek projapoti,  tumioto besh aso , Dokkho Amar Parini Ekhono Tumake Bujhate
    lyrics- Sawkot Osman Babu
    Music composer-   Shahnewaz

 Song - Jibonanondo   hoea songshare aajo ami
              Sob kisu bhule jeno
               korilem den
              tumioto bes acho
               bhaloi acho
              kobitai pora sei bonolotasen
              tana tana chokhe Kali poreni kuno

Petunia Flower

Petunia is a nice hanging pot flower. Its origin from South America.It has 35 species. It is closely related with tomatoes, potatoes, deadly nightsberries,cape goose berries,
chili peppers.Its family Solanaceae.Its scientific classification
kingdom- Plantar
Order- Solanales
Family- Solanacea
Subfamily- Petunioidea
Genus- Petunia

Description- These are herbaceous group and are hairy. These flowers are funnel shaped and its petals are joined together. Its fruits are dry capsule and with two comperments.
Ecology-  Petunias are pollnated by insect. Its flowers are red and pollinating by hummingbird. Petunias have diploid 14 chromosomes, the larvae of the ear corn worm ,  Helicoverpa zia, the cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni.

Cultivation-  Petunias have capacity to tolerate hot climates and harsh condition.
It needs 5 hours of sunlight everyday. In moist soil and in low humidity these grow well.These plants are grown from seeds. These plants are watered daily in dry region.
These are growt…